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We are a leading provider of industrial and E-waste management services with extensive expertise and experience in the industry. Our commitment is to offer high-value and efficient services to all our customers, utilizing cutting-edge technology and methods to fully meet their needs and satisfaction. At our company, sustainability and environmental responsibility are of utmost importance.


We adhere to international standards such as ISO9001 and ISO14001 for quality and environmental management, and hold GREEN Industrial Level 3 certification. We ensure that all our processes not only meet standards but also align with environmental conservation efforts.


We are delighted to provide the best consultation and services to our customers. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to engage in efficient waste management services. Thank you for your interest and visiting our website today. We look forward to promptly and fully addressing your inquiries!

E-Waste Recycling

We provide destruction and environmentally friendly e-waste recycling solutions for all electronic devices such as computer, printer, network device, electronic appliances etc.

Buy and Bidding

We specialize in buying and bidding for all kinds of e-waste, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We buy and bid for e-waste such as desktops, laptops, monitors, network devices, mobile phones, switches and electronic equipment.

Rubber Scrap

Nique has 16 years experience sourcing raw materials directly from reputable sources and exporting rubber scrap and plastic scrap worldwide. 

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