Rubber Products

Nique inter corporation Ltd., We are the leader collecter and exporter of rubber waste and rubber scrap in Thailand. Our company policy is how to use the rubber waste to be make the most of it in order to reduce the overhead cost of production line and also be environmental friendly.

Butyl inner tube scrap: 100% sorted butyl inner tube truck used and rejected. 

Motorcycle butyl tube scrap 100% sorted butyl inner Motorcycle rejected.

Bagomatic Bladder scrap : Butyl bagomatic bladders scrap from Tire manufactures

car size, truck size and motercycle also available.

Motorcycle baldder scrap: 100% sorted butyl inner Motorcycle rejected.

EPDM Scrap

EPDM rubber Granule

Cutted tires tread

Green tire: Unvulcanized green tire from tyre manufacture.

NR Motorcycle tube scrap

Latex balloon scrap

Latex thread

Latex, natural rubber scrap

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